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City Center Beirut

Project Type F&B
Hazmieh, Lebanon
In Association With Bernard Mallat Architects
Concept / design

BCCe, Beirut City Center is an intervention proposed onto an existing mall. The rooftop Food and Beverage cluster was redesigned via an exoskeleton that was added to the entire mall to revitalize it. The exoskeleten serves as a multi-functional entity, acting as structure, a pergola and a seperator.

As structure, the exoskeleton hosts passages, lightweight market units, MEP equipment, pv panels and plants. 

As a pergola, the exoskeleton carries shading panels, as well as speakers, lights, and fans.

As a seperator, the exoskeleton creates a division between the restaurant terraces and the circulation spaces, through planters, panels and water features.

Civil Engineer
Electro-Mechanical Consultant
Arab Nasr
Landscape Architect
Imad Gemayel Architects
Environmental Consultant
Ahmad Noureldine
Lighting Design Consultant
AARTILL - Majdi Hajjar
Architecture Team
Bernard Mallat, Walid Zeidan, Tamer-Georges Musharbesh, Rackelle Tebechrany, Firas Chamas, Mustafa Nachar, Hiba Hteit, Fadel Makhzoum, Ghida Fayek