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Faqra Cliff

Concept / design

The I & M project delivers human comfort by favoring the horizontal both physically and allegedly. The concept driving these two contiguous private houses is an attempt at negating the vertical. Exterior walls dematerialize as glass invites light and views into and through the spaces. Vertical connections such as elevators are also clad in transparent glass, while stairs have been transformed into a series of seemingly floating horizontals set on thinning slabs that bend only to level again and re-emphasize the plane. Floor surfaces shoot out of the envelope into space, to create shade and ample space for outdoor entertainment. The slab edges taper gently and make the hovering slabs appear paper-thin. The rectilinear language of the project discretely contrasts with nature and the organic surroundings, while retaining the well-integrated character of mountain shelters.


At this altitude the summers are pleasant and the inhabitants of the two dwellings will spend most of their time outdoors; sharing the multiple platforms wedged into the hill, be they rooftops or terraces that extend from the interior.