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Porto 6 October

Project Type Landscape
Cairo, Egypt
In Association With Bernard Mallat Architects
Concept / design

Landscape Architecture for the Town Center of the Porto October project located in Cairo, Egypt. Developed by Amer Group, the landscape was designed by Wz Architects. A large park that creates a set of new experiences with hills in an otherwise flat desert context. It hosts a dancing fountain and playgrounds as well as a food cluster.

Lighting Design Consultant
AARTIL - Majdi Hajjar
Architecture Team
Bernard Mallat, Walid Zeidan, Tamer-Georges Musharbesh, Firas Chamas, Faisal Yatim, Mustafa Nachar, Hiba Hteit, Rackelle Tebechrany, Fadel Makhzoum, Ghida Fayek