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Okhtein Flagship Store

Concept / design

It is about a complexity of heritage brought into contemporary design. It is the story of craftsmanship, a transmission of knowledge and a living pattern. It is the story of 2 designer sisters who daringly drew from their cultural values and knowledge and carried them along into the contemporary era. It is not a standard global trendy design product; it is more the outcome of long and deep thinking and maturity. The borrowed pattern, traditionally used for common daily objects, is now carried with pride to express the living roots that empower the image of a rooted contemporary woman.

Our design cannot but be faithful to this complexity and sophistication and reflect the 2 designers' personalities, it must be bold yet intricate. The space is defined by two main directional lines that extrude into triangular volumes forming a strong dynamic form. They have created a reflective gallery promenade, which is directional and invites the visitor to discover and follow the product and it's evolution. Just like these 2 sisters in their complementary harmonious duality, the 2 triangles refer and reflect back to each other, creating a lively synergy through the space. The interior shell is taken to an abstract level to enhance the experience of discovery and highlight the objects on display. The shop window has been replaced by a spatial discovery attracting the customer/visitor into a journey. The front glass facade is reduced to a simple enclosure.

Lighting Design Consultant
AARTIL - Majdi Hajjar
Architecture Team

Walid Zeidan, Bernard Mallat, Mireille Lteif,        Desiree El Khoury